Our diverse practice areas and engagement with clients across varied industries give our team members a very rich professional experience. Be it senior professionals or Articled Assistants, everyone is given full opportunity to learn, participate and deliver to their fullest potential. Lots of travel on professional assignments and interaction with diverse clientele mould the youngsters into well rounded personalities and professionals.

When it comes to learning and knowledge sharing, it is just a team without any hierarchy. Peers, Seniors and Partners are highly accessible and would always be willing to share their experience and knowledge. “Mindshare” is our knowledge enhancement initiative and regular sessions on different topics hone the skills and knowledge of every team member.

Extensive usage of information technology across the organisation not only enables better practice management but also takes every team member to the forefront of business enabling technology.

Our firm is not a place of just work but a place of bonhomie, informality and fun. Regular get-togethers and annual outdoor trips bind the team together.

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