IT – Advisory and Assurance

IT – Advisory and Assurance

Today’s business world is technology driven and information technology creates newer business models. Hence it is quite essential for every enterprise to work on an effective digital transformation strategy to enhance revenue, business performance and customer satisfaction and also to enable innovation in their product / service strategies.
While enterprise use cutting edge IT applications and work seamlessly in the cyber space, information security threats too have become sophisticated and complex.

Our long years of experience in information technology and information security enable us to guide the enterprises to win the battle of digital transformation armed with suitable information security controls. We understand Technology but Business better.

Our advisory and assurance services in the field of Information Technology include:

Enterprises invest heavily in information technology, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications and other automation solutions. Many a times, they are not able to reap the expected benefits out of these investments for various reasons. With our deep experience in information technology and business systems across varied industries, we deliver a complete suite of ERP Lifecycle Management consulting services, as listed below.

  • Business Process Study
  • ERP Selection Consultancy
  • ERP Implementation Advisory
  • ERP Post Implementation Reviews

We can take up any of these modules as a separate engagement as well.

Business Process Study

  • A detailed study on the core operational processes of the organisation
  • Study of the accounting system and its integration with operational systems
  • Study of the gaps in the existing software environment
  • Study of the existing control framework
  • Identification of pain areas and weak control areas
  • Recommendations on the right enterprise systems and processes keeping in mind scalability and cultural fit

ERP Selection Consultancy

  • Identifying the automation needs of the organisation in relation to its important business functions
  • Identification of a list of ERP packages that could prima-facie fit the needs of the organisation
  • Studying the features and commercial terms of those ERP packages
  • Recommending the most suitable one
  • Selection of the right partner for implementation
  • Finalise the commercial terms with software vendor as well as the implementation partner.

ERP Implementation Advisory

  • Making the Implementation Consultants understand the current and proposed business processes
  • Recommendations on reengineering of business processes in alignment with the chosen Software
  • Review of the Core Process Analysis documents
  • Review of “To be document” that will be submitted by the implementation consultants
  • Recommendation on control configurations and master configurations
  • Recommendations on User Role configurations and access control management
  • Recommendations and review of customisations
  • Review of the implementation plan
  • Facilitation for a smooth implementation and change management
  • Milestone reviews and escalation of exceptions
  • Facilitation of user training programs that would be conducted by the Implementation consultants
  • Recommendations on data processing infrastructure, data centres and connectivity

ERP Post Implementation Reviews
We conduct recurring periodical reviews:

  • To ensure whether implementation objectives are met
  • To ensure whether the software configurations meet current needs
  • To ensure Whether changed business process needs are met by the ERP
  • To assess user awareness and usability gaps
  • To recommend on changes in existing ERP set up and newer versions
  • To recommend on additional modules and products to address expanded business needs
  • To suggest integration strategies for add on products
  • To bring in better work flow management
  • To re-engineer or optimize business processes

Such Post implementation reviews can be taken up every two years to reap full benefits out of the ERP investment.

Our extensive experience in various information technologies combined with multi industry domain expertise place us in a unique position to guide enterprises in their digital transformation and technology integration journey. We work closely with our clients to deliver sustainable business value and our services include:

  • IT Governance and Business Alignment
  • Digital Transformation Strategies
  • Web and Cloud Strategy
  • Hardware and Software – Evaluation and Enhancement
  • Infrastructure Selection, Management and Outsourcing Advisory
  • IT Vendor Selection, Management and Outsourcing Advisory
  • IT Process Improvement and Re-engineering
  • Software Pre Implementation studies and software evaluation / selection
  • Software Implementation Advisory and Guidance
  • Consultancy Services on Workflow automation and integration

For a successful development of enterprise class business software application, deep knowledge of the chosen domain as well as information technology is quite essential.

With several years of experience and deep expertise in the field of information technology, information systems and multiple business verticals, we guide business enterprises and software houses design and develop comprehensive software application suites. We ensure that the exiting business processes are suitably re-engineered to bring the best benefits out of the computerisation.

Our services would cover the entire Software Development Cycle and include:

  • Systems study
  • Business Process Re-engineering and process optimisation
  • Development of functional design document
  • Guidance in data base design
  • Guidance on software architecture
  • Guidance on control and application security architecture
  • Guidance on application development processes and documentation
  • Guidance on quality assurance and functional testing
  • Development of User Manuals
  • User Training
  • Guidance on Data Migration

Enterprises today are getting more and more automated and extensively use information technology. Business houses are highly connected with various stake holders through web and cloud technologies. In this complex IT driven business environment, information security is of paramount importance.

Our information security practice is driven by a team of technology experts and Certified Information Security Auditors. We help enterprises in identifying threats and vulnerabilities, and develop effective information security practices to mitigate and manage risk.

In the area of information security practice, our consultancy and audit services include:

  • IS Risk Assessment and Controls Design
  • Information Security – Design and develop Policies and Procedures
  • Information Security – Guidance and Readiness Assessment for Certifications
  • Data Security and Privacy Studies
  • Forensic Audits on Security Breaches
  • Information Security – Due Diligence
  • Information Security Audits
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

Information System (IS) Audits are conducted to provide an independent evaluation of the policies, procedures, standards and practices of an enterprise for safeguarding electronic information from breach of confidentiality, non-availability and information integrity.

Software application audits are conducted on selected business critical software applications to get assurance on the desired level of functionality, usability, access controls, data security, regulatory compliances, information integrity and continued availability.

With our expertise in business functionality across industries and information security, we conduct application audits on complex enterprise class business applications. Our audit recommendations would not only make the application more secure and robust but also to achieve the required business functionality. Our audits would also cover additional security risks in the case of third party developed / managed and cloud based applications.