Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

When enterprises outsource Knowledge Processes to the right people, greater business value is added due to the deep domain knowledge, specialised skills and experience of the people carrying out the activity. Small and medium enterprises prefer outsourcing some of its core back office operations mainly to leverage the domain expertise and professional guidance of the people to whom they are outsourced.

We offer the complete back office outsourcing solutions to small and medium enterprises. We also undertake specialised activities like building fixed asset records, accounts payable management and accounts receivable reconciliations for larger enterprises.

We follow best practices in relation to information security so that the concerns of the clients in respect of confidentiality and other information security threats are fully addressed.

Our KPO services include:

We offer complete accounting and finance back office services to small and medium enterprises, especially overseas entities that start new ventures in India. Under this model, our highly experienced professional team acts as the Accounting and Finance Department of the entity and undertakes all the related activities like budgeting, book keeping, payments processing, statutory compliances, payroll management, tax records, tax filing, secretarial management and monthly MIS. Under this model, our client gets a CFO as a shared resource apart from the book keeping team. We involve our teams specialised in various domains like direct tax, indirect tax, transfer pricing, secretarial compliance and foreign exchange regulations to assist the core delivery team to achieve greater value addition.

We help enterprises, especially large manufacturing houses with multi locational presence, build the fixed asset record keeping system ground up. Our services would include:

  • Physical survey of all the facilities like factories of the enterprise and identifying the broad asset groups under different category of assets
  • Physical verification of individual assets under each group
  • Designing the asset identification / numbering scheme
  • Verification and classification of vouchers relating to capital expenditure
  • Linking each invoice / voucher to the individual asset or sub asset
  • Identification of asset related expenses like civil work, freight, installation expenses and other direct expenses and apportioning the same to the individual asset
  • Identifying pre commissioning expenses directly attributable to any asset and capitalising the same
  • Asset identification labels / tags
  • Updating the details of the asset accounting software
  • Building Fixed Asset Register
  • Periodic verification and maintenance of records for additions / deletions / movements.

Nimble enterprises have realised that accounts payable outsourcing is not just for the cost arbitrage but to enhance business performance, better credit management, tax compliance through concurrent professional guidance and better service levels.

Our Accounts Payable Management services would encompass end-to-end processes relating to Accounts Payable and we would use the software preferred by the client, be it a full fledge ERP or a simple accounting software. Our AP management services would include:

  • Vendor Master Creation
  • Scanned supporting Document management
  • Invoice matching and Invoice processing
  • Approval and resolution management
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Input credits
  • Disbursement – Offline and online
  • Reconciliations and confirmations
  • Periodical management reporting