Audit and Attestation

Audit and Attestation

In a dynamic business environment with rapid changes in the regulatory framework, appropriate and timely guidance to the enterprises is very essential. Our audit professionals constantly update themselves on the ever changing regulatory and financial reporting framework. With our rich industry experience and proactive approach, we help the clients easily navigate their financial reporting and disclosure requirements.

Our professional and unbiased reporting provides the highest level of confidence to various stake holders like investors, shareholders, Governmental authorities and lenders.

Our audit and attest services include:

Being a public accounting firm in India, audit of financial statements of companies and other entities expressing an opinion as required under various statutory frameworks is one of our key services.

We carry out audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with various Indian and International GAAP’s. While we have the expertise to do the statutory audits of large, transnational and multilevel listed companies, we have long years of experience and understanding in handling the statutory audits of small and medium sized entities as well. Our firm is certified by the Peer Review Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

We conduct Tax Audit for several corporate and non-corporate business entities. Tax Audit is mandated by the Income Tax Laws of India for business entities beyond certain size of annual revenue.

Our firm is empanelled by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) to conduct the central statutory audits of large public sector corporates and banks. Our team has a good understanding of the regulatory framework and experience in conducting the statutory audits of large public sector banks. For the past several years, we have been conducting the statutory audits of large and medium public sector corporates, engaged in varied businesses.

Certain financial information needs to be certified for various purposes such as statutory / regulatory requirements, tendering process or on request of third parties. As part of our professional services, we provide certification services to our clients on a timely basis.

Value Added Tax (VAT) statutes of various States in India have mandated a separate audit of business entities with annual revenue beyond the specified levels. Our services include VAT audit under VAT enactments of various southern states of India.