Taxation Services

Taxation Services

Our taxation services deliver the right business value to our clients since our comprehensive knowledge of various tax regulations is harmonised with our long years of practical exposure to various industry verticals.

Our knowledge on international taxation combined with the domestic tax laws helps our clients, be it Indian or Overseas business enterprises, structure their businesses and transactions in an effective and efficient manner. Our timely and continuous guidance enables our clients surmount the challenges of tax planning, tax enquiries, appeals and litigation.

Our taxation related consultancy services include:

We offer a comprehensive bouquet of India direct tax consultancy services, including tax advisory, tax litigation support and compliance services. We provide tax consultancy and transactional advisory services to small, medium and large enterprises apart from individuals and entrepreneurs. Our services include tax filing services for enterprises, tax appeals, e-TDS returns and employee tax filing services for large corporates. Our consultancy services would facilitate the enterprises fully integrate tax compliance with the Accounting Systems.

Foreign entities entering India and Indian enterprises planning to expand outside of India come across various complex issues pertaining to tax regulations. Some enterprises engage foreign entities and consultants for rendering various services and /or consultants / employees of overseas parent organisation or Joint venture partners.

We guide all these enterprises on tax structuring, tax residency planning, and withholding tax, transfer pricing and expatriate taxation. Our experience in analysing and interpreting international tax treaties helps in providing effective guidance to the clients. Our tax services include getting all regulatory approvals and registrations.

Currently indirect taxes in India consist of Customs Duty, Excise duty and State wise Value Added Tax. Organisations who export of goods and services have special benefits under these enactments. Nationwide introduction of a unified Goods and Services Tax (GST) is on the anvil.

We advise enterprises optimise tax costs and pricing of goods and services. Our services include complete tax impact (input and output) analysis, tax refund enablement, structuring of business agreements & arrangements to achieve optimal tax impact.