Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Our management consultancy services extend into every facet of the life cycle of an enterprise, from start up to steady state. With several man years of domain experience across a broad spectrum of industries, we are well equipped to guide enterprises in business strategies, business planning, mergers, acquisitions, valuation, joint ventures, cost management and performance management.

In the highly competitive and globalised business environment, our timely and practical consultancy services deliver excellent business value to our clients.

Our management consultancy services include:

India is a growing economy and offers a great market opportunity. Many overseas entities come to India for business expansion and for introducing their products in Indian market. Some of the multinational enterprises set up manufacturing facilities in India to cater to their global customer needs. For such enterprises who wish to enter India, we render end to end start up consultancy services.

Our services would start with India entry strategy, suggesting the right type of business entity and getting relevant regulatory clearances including Foreign Direct Investment approvals. Our consultancy services would include creating the legal entity, proper structuring of the legal entity, getting licenses / registrations under various industrial, labour and state level statutes.

Estimating the value of a business or an enterprise is quite complex. Constant changes in the regulatory and business environment make valuations more complex. Valuation might be done for commercial or statutory purposes and would include valuation of the shares, assets or business undertaking.

Valuation services result in developing an informed opinion of value and such valuation can never be an absolute fact since most valuations factor the forecasts and specific assumptions about possible future developments of the enterprise.

Our valuation services can broadly be classified as:

  • Enterprise or business valuation for acquisitions, mergers, demergers, purchase or sale.
  • Valuations done in relation to shareholder disputes, transfers between shareholders, advice for minority shareholder and joint venture partners.
  • Valuation for various statutory compliances like Tax regulations, Company Law, RBI and FEMA regulations and SEBI.
  • Valuations that may be required by private equity and venture capital entities for reporting to their investors or for accounting purposes.

We extend our clients end to end support in M&A deals. On the sell side, we advise the clients in assessing their business potential and our services would include valuation, negotiations, guidance and facilitation on due diligence and validation of various agreements and legal documents.

On the buy side, we extend financial, taxation and operational due diligence services to the acquirer to assess the strength and weakness of the target entity. We also advise our clients on market analysis, help in negotiations and in drafting / closure of various agreements with the target entity. Our services would include pre-closure compliance checks and post closure tax and statutory compliances.

In the case of joint ventures, be it financial or technical, we extend our services from negotiations to transaction closure. Our services could include advise on transaction structuring from the perspective of various tax and forex regulations, obtaining regulatory clearances and validation / drafting agreements.

Growing enterprises quite often need expert guidance and assistance in developing business strategies, long term business plans and business modelling. Our team has the experience and expertise across multiple industries to develop growth strategies, deliberate with the stake holders and facilitate decisions on long term growth and expansion plans.

To drive the right decisions, our team prepares long term business plans with an ability to do what-if analysis on various options. After factoring these decisions, the final business plan with dynamic modeling capabilities is delivered. Depending on the need of the enterprise, we also help in developing near term detailed budgets along with long term business plans. Business modelling would also involve revisiting business structure and organisation structure as well as forming suitable strategic business units.

Apart from developing operational strategies and business plans, we also develop the ecosystem for continuing Performance Management. This would involve developing performance targets, key performance metrics, comprehensive and effective Management Information Systems (MIS) and the processes for effective management reviews. The complete performance management ecosystem will be closely harmonised with the ecosystem of Information systems and technology.

We help enterprises and their stakeholders manage and overcome challenges, be it financial or operational. Our interdisciplinary focus on business combined with deep experience in strategic consulting, cost management, information systems, accounting and internal audits across diverse entities and industries gives us a clear edge in the area of corporate restructuring and turnaround services. Our team consists of Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants, Information System specialists, former industry executives, valuation professionals and lawyers. Our senior professionals would be actively involved in the complete life cycle of the engagement.

Our team would focus on evaluating the business operations and identify various performance enhancement opportunities by working on-

  • Strategic planning and business growth strategies
  • Cost-reduction opportunities and cost management
  • Areas of revenue and margin improvement
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • The organisation structure for effective business management
  • Development of dashboards to measure key performance metrics
  • Supply chain and logistics improvement
  • Creditors management and negotiations including court procedures
  • Debtors collection management
  • Negotiations with banks and institutions
  • Improvements in information systems and technology enablement

On need basis, we also play the role of interim CXOs to provide strategic directions and to guide in executing the revival plan with a structured approach to change management.

Many small and medium enterprises seek professional help in preparing project reports and funds augmentation. We extend professional services in the complete life cycle of funds augmentation starting from need assessment, preparation of detailed project reports, type and quantum of funding, negotiations with funding agencies and guidance in transaction closure. We facilitate funds augmentation through banks, venture capital and private equity houses.

In today’s competitive business environment, enterprises have to constantly work on cost reduction and cost control measures. Our experienced team consisting of cost and management accountants and industry experts helps such enterprises in developing effective cost management measures. We do a complete study of key cost elements and recommend on cost control / reduction measures. We work on their cost measurement, marginal costing model, make or buy decisions and strategies to convert fixed cost elements to variable ones. With our deep experience in the field of information technology, we help the enterprises integrate cost determination and measurement with the enterprise application software and get an effective information framework for perpetual cost management.

In this globalised highly competitive business world, enterprises have to strike the right balance between risk and reward by establishing an effective governance framework. For effective corporate governance, enterprises need extensive documentation on risk management, business processes of every function, delegation of authority, efficient control framework and a well-defined reporting framework.

We help enterprises in setting scalable and effective business processes, designing the right internal controls, integrating the business processes and controls with the enterprise software applications and in effective utilisation of information technology. Our services would include developing and designing:

  • Enterprise Risk Management framework
  • Process & Control Manuals (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Delegation of Authority Manuals
  • Enterprise wide Control and Compliance Reporting Framework
  • Management Information Systems for Periodical review